Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance Information

Vision insurance is typically very easy, and very affordable.  Most plans include preventative, lenses, frames, extras, and contact lenses.  Some plans offer additional ophthalmology services, but most advanced medical services are covered by your health insurance, not your vision insurance.  

Diagnostic and Preventative

All plans we offer provide 100% preventative coverage, including the exam.  Some plans offer this at no cost while others have a small co-pay.  


Frames & Lenses

Frames are the most expensive part of owning glasses. Most plans offer an allowance toward frames so you can clearly calculate what your cost will be.  In most cases, basic lenses are covered at no-cost. On enhanced services, some plans offer a co-pay for things like bifocals, Transition LensesTM, or specialty lenses, while others offer a discounted rate. Either way, we'll help you find the best solution for your needs. 


Lasik and Other Eye Procedures

Typically these services are offered with a discount if you use an in-network provider. Each vision plan is different, and we'll help you find the best solution for your needs. 


Vision Plan for All Ages 

We tailor our vision plans for those in specific age groups.  Seniors who are covered under Medicare often do not have good coverage for vision, and they need a completely different plan than a 6 year old or a family might need. There's simply no reason for anyone to pay for services for things they may never use.  


What's Next?

Before you buy any vision plans, it's always a good idea to talk to a broker. A broker can find the best plan available for your needs, and tailor a solution specifically for you.