Nevada Healthcare Comes Home for 2020
LAS VEGAS (PH), September 9, 2020 - Starting November 1 when the next open enrollment period begins, Nevada will be running its own exchange for plans in 2020, and will no longer be managed by HealthCare.Gov. The last time Nevada tried to run their own exchange, it was a disaster, but this time Nevada seems to have a great plan in-place, and its ducks in a row.  

The Affordable Care Act, more often referred to as Obamacare, is still the law of the land. Despite attempts by many groups in Washington to attempt to repeal and destroy it, the ACA is more popular and more successful than it's ever been.
Originally, Nevada had contracted with Xerox to manage its website as a partnership with the state exchange, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.  From day one it was plagued with technical, billing and enrollment problems which prompted Nevada to switch to HealthCare.Gov, the U.S. government-run site the following year, and that has continued until this year. 
This move came in conjunction with several other states making similar moves, but many states, like Nevada, have begun to move back due to cost. HealthCare.Gov costs states millions per year that could have been spent much more effectively at the state level. This change is expected to save Nevada taxpayers more than 20 million dollars over the next five years alone says Silver State Health Insurance Exchange spokeswoman Janel Davis.  

The agency has contracted with GetInsured, a company that runs the online health shopping portal for California and several other states.  Heather Korbulic, executive director of Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, says the new website will be more streamlined and easier for customers to use.

"Most data from the federal website has been migrated to the new state-based system..." says Brian Douglas, CEO of ProtectHealth, a Preferred Broker Partner of Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, "...but most consumers will need to consult with someone for 2020 to ensure they have the plans, coverage, and options they want." 
Mr. Douglas explained that there are new carriers on the exchange for 2020, and more plan options which consumers may find confusing, and says consumers should use a broker to help make these choices. "It costs consumers nothing, and a broker can help consumers make decisions and recommend specific plans and options." Brokers can make plan recommendations, unlike enrollment assistors and navigators, who can only help consumers navigate the process. 

As of Wednesday, consumers can start logging into their accounts on the new website, If they are having trouble, consumers should contact a broker who can help with the entire process at no-charge.  "Consumers have already begun to receive their new access codes, and our phones have been ringing off the hook. We can help consumers navigate this new process, and help simplify their options for next year." says Brian Douglas. 

Consumers who need more help should contact a broker, visit or call for assistance at 800-240-8185.