There is finally another option for affordable health insurance. 

These new plans are approved by the Department of Insurance in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Missouri, and more are coming all the time.

This is real health insurance which includes benefits for inpatient and outpatient care, doctors and specialists, prescriptions, testing, imaging, lab work, as well as urgent and emergency care. It even includes TelaDoc services 24/7 at no cost.

What this plan is:

  • Real Health Insurance
  • On a National PPO Network - See Any Doctor or Save In-Network
  • Health Underwritten - The Healthier You Are, The Lower Your Premium
  • Affordable - As Much as 75% Less Than ACA Alternatives
  • Customizable - Choose the Benefits You Want or Need

What This Plan is NOT: 

  • It is NOT a Discount Plan
  • It's NOT a Short Term Medical Plan
  • It's NOT an ACA Plan

Because these health insurance plans are medically underwritten, not everyone will qualify, High blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid issues, even most diabetics will qualify. Generally, unless you have had major issues within the last few years like heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer's, ALS, stroke or major organ issues, you will likely qualify for a plan. It takes only a few minutes for you to find out. If you're interested in learning more, simply click the link below. There's never any obligation, and we guarantee we will never share, sell or use your information in any other way except providing you with information you request

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