The biggest mistake most families make is not buying enough Life Insurance. You would think it’s not buying Life Insurance at all, but about 70% of all Americans have some Life Insurance. Simply not enough, though. On a recent episode of Family Feud, one of the fast money questions was “What is the right amount of Life Insurance a family should have?” The most popular answer by far was $100,000. That sounds like a lot of money, but if you are one of the breadwinners for your family, and you’re gone tomorrow, how long do you really think $100,000 will last your family. The income for an average family of four is well over $100,000, so that won’t late them a year. There are many “rules of thumb” on how much to buy, but the average is 10 times the family income. So the right amount for an average family of four? About 1 million dollars. For most, that amount of insurance is extremely affordable, but most people just don’t realize that. The younger and healthier you are, the less expensive Life Insurance is. There’s also a lot of choices when it comes to Life Insurance, and that’s why you need a broker to navigate the options. Don’t worry, like all of our services, there’s never a fee for helping our clients find Life Insurance. We handle all types of Life Insurance.

• Term Life – If you die before the policy terminates, your beneficiaries get cash. It’s really that simple.
• Whole Life Insurance – Good until the day you die, and never expires.
• Index Universal – Put your good health to work to make money for retirement. By far the most popular form of Life Insurance
• Key Individual – Designed for business partners and corporate officers in case a key person in the company dies, the company assets are protected
• Final Expense – Don’t leave your family burdened with funeral expenses, credit card bills, taxes and medical bills.

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