Group Life Insurance - Most businesses who provide life insurance to their employees, typicallyoffer a level of life insurance and disability insurance with it. The problem with these plans is that they have not changed in nearly 40 years. For the most part, the average life insurance policy that companies offer employees is between $10,000 and $50,000. The only real argument to offer this
coverage is that it’s guarantee-issue life, so no health questions or medical exams,

On the other side of that argument, those who do qualify for market competitive life policies, they should do so, and the business should reward them for that. A healthy employee is a productive
employee, and one that doesn’t call in sick as often. Not to mention that an underwritten life policy of about $500,000 on a healthy 40 year-old is about the same price as a guarantee-issue group life policy for $50,000.

We offer a vast array of life insurance policies. Businesses can offer underwritten life insurance for employees as an added bonus. In most cases, the employee is happy to pay for the policy, simply
for the ease of having it available through their job.

Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability is really a must for employers. When your key employees can’t work, you want them back on the mend ASAP, and back to work. Group Disabilityallows them to do that. Group Disability pays a monthly income, specified by the employer (maximum amounts in states apply) that provide income for the employee to live while they are getting healthy. More importantly, Group Disability attracts the best employees, and keeps them.

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