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Dental Insurance Information

We offer multiple plans from the simple discount dental to help offset the costs of your cleanings and checkups, all the way up to comprehensive dental that covers everything from a cavity to implants. It really depends on the level of coverage you require. With dental linked to heart conditions, stroke, and so much more, you need to take care of your teeth. We'll help you pay for it.

Diagnostic and Preventative

Almost all plans include 100% coverage for exams, cleanings, and X-rays with no waiting period.  


Basic Dental Services

Basic dental services like cavity fillings, extractions, sealants can be very expensive. Many dental plans cover this with little to no waiting period, while other plans may save you money by having a 6 month or longer waiting period to save you money. 


Major Dental Services

This is why most people buy dental insurance, but traditionally if bought your own plan you were likely to have a waiting period of a year or more.  That's starting to change, and while most dental plans still have a waiting period, more and more of them are starting to offer coverage right away for even the most major dental services. Many plans are now coverage dentures and implants, something no open-market dental plans offered.  


Dental Plan for All Ages 

We tailor our dental plans for those in specific age groups.  Seniors who are covered under Medicare often do not have good coverage for dental, and they need a completely different plan than a 6 year old or a family might need. There's simply no reason for anyone to pay for services for things they may never use.  


What's Next?

Dental plans are complex.  Before you buy any dental plans, it's always a good idea to talk to a broker. A broker can find the best plan available for your needs, and tailor a solution specifically for you.