Defined Benefit Plans

What are the benefits of a Defined Benefit Plan?

In today's market where health insurance is often unavailable or not affordable. Defined Benefit Plans can help families with the ability to budget health care expenditure, by providing multiple fixed health insurance benefits they can choose according to their health care needs. These plans provide hospital, medical and outpatient defined benefit coverage with additional Wellness benefits and Doctor’s Office Visit benefits to promote preventive care. Since all the benefits are defined in the plan it helps to allow the consumer to consciously choose providers and care of treatments, and to choose what they want in their plan and what they don’t. Contact us today and get a quote!

what you get…

  • Hospital coverage

  • Doctor visits (see ANY doctor)

  • Prescriptions

  • Lab work

  • Diagnostics like x-rays, CT scans and MRI’s

  • Low or no deductible options

  • Bill negotiation services

  • Teledoc (visit a doctor via facetime or phone)

what you don’t get

  • Excessive cost

  • Benefits you’ll never use

  • Huge co-insurance costs

  • Limited enrollment periods (change plans anytime you like)

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